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Steve Correll - Nigeria Mission Trip Report
August 24, 2002

~ Fruitful Vine Ministries ~

Steve and Lisa Correll

Nigeria Mission Trip Report
August 23, 2002
Steve Correll

Dear Friends, Partners, and Prayer Warriors,

We're back from our Nigeria trip and I am happy to report that this has been one of the more fruitful missions I've had the privilege of going on.

God with us

From the beginning to the end of this Nigerian Mission trip, there was the evident awareness of the Hand of God being with us. I was in wonder at the great favor and blessings that met us all the way. Once arriving in Lagos, we were met by friendly helpers assigned to get us through customs without a hitch...that was a first!

Ministry in Benue State

Sunday, August 10, in the capital city of Makurdi, the ministry team split up as we went to four different churches to minister the love and Gospel of Jesus. When we met afterwards, I think I know how Jesus' disciples felt as they shared with joy the testimonies of healings and deliverances. The Lord truly worked with us confirming His Word.

In the church I ministered, I challenged the people with this question, "Is Jesus alive and with us today? If He is, then He should be doing the same things today as He did when He walked on this earth 2000 years ago."

We then gave the Lord an opportunity to prove Himself and prove Himself He did!

I asked all present who were sick or experiencing pain to stand. After offering a simple prayer, "Lord Jesus, heal your people," I instructed them to examine themselves and search for any pain or symptoms. We were all overjoyed as every single person claimed they had been healed! Glory to God!

At the end of the meeting, I had a most unusual thing happen. I kept having an impression to say that God was healing someone's right testicle. I later learned that as soon as I dared to speak it out, a young man was instantly healed! Jesus was in the house!

Now, what if I had yielded to the fear of looking foolish and had not said anything? This man probably would have never been healed if I hadn't yielded to God. To produce God's results requires faith in action. It's much easier to yield to the safe comfortable place of doing nothing, but it's bold faith that gets results.

Pastors Conference in Gboko

The goal was to not only get information to these men and women of God, but to bring an light a great fire of revival. Many were surprised as God overwhelmed them with His love and joy. As we simply loved them, healed them, encouraged them, preached Jesus to them and blessed them, many commented how amazed they were that we were so real and were having such fun! :) I am happy to say, they entered right in!

Mission Team: Mike Guthrie, George Shafer, Daniel Garza, Tom Kelly, Timothy Kanyion, Steve Correll

We gathered close to 250 pastors for the main conference, but also several team members went out to the bush to minister to pastors and leaders in the region. All said and done, we met with over 1000 pastors.

Daniel Garza, healing evangelist, personally ministered to around 200 people who indicated they had been healed from different pains and diseases. One lady, who complained of stomach pains, went back to the hospital for tests after receiving prayer for healing. The next day she returned to the conference...pain free...and to our shock we discovered that not only had her scheduled liver transplant been canceled but that she was no longer HIV positive! The doctor told her they couldn't find anything wrong with her! Hallelujah!

Tom Kelly, businessman / missionary, prayed with an elder man who had suffered a stroke and was being carted around in a wheel barrow. After ministering to him, Tom commanded strength to return to this man's body and got some pastors to help pull the man on his feet. He stood for the first time in over a year...he walked...and he kept walking! Glory to God!

Tiv Tribe

We were in a region (Benue State) that was predominantly inhabited by the Tiv Tribe. They are the fourth largest tribe of Nigeria. We discovered some very intriguing facts in ministering to these people. What is notable is that long before European missionaries ever reached these people, the Tivs were carrying on some Jewish traditions, and were praying to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Because the Tivs have no written history, there is only speculation as to how they came about passing on these traditions. It thus was no incident that Pastor George Shafer had felt led from the beginning of the conference to teach these folk on their Jewish heritage through Christ Jesus.

Each team member was given the highest honor conferrable by the Tiv Tribe. In a ceremony with much singing, traditional drumming and dancing, we were honored as lifetime inductees into the Tiv Tribe. We each were given a new name as we were robed with the traditional tribal dress. My new Tiv name, Aondosoo, means God is love.

I can't remember being around such hungry and receptive folks in my life. I am telling you, these Nigerians were such a blessing. They wanted God! It was so rewarding to watch their countenances change from oppressed, sad faces to bright, joy filled smiles as God blessed them throughout the week. We experienced revival! As the team ministered, you could feel the very atmosphere being charged with faith and hope.

Timothy Kanyion

Timothy was our contact and organizer of all our meetings on this mission. He's a Nigerian friend I met over fifteen years ago here in the States. The Lord supernaturally lead Timothy and his family here in 1985 and said He was going to bless him as a Joseph to go back to Nigeria and lead his people. Timothy and Angela with their four children were blessed with a thriving ministry here in the States as well as receiving their US citizenship. Yet, a divine mandate from Heaven sent Timothy back to Nigeria to help his fellow countrymen and to help establish God's Kingdom in Benue State.

Timothy is now running for Governor in Benue State in Nigeria. He stands a very good chance of making it. The Tiv Tribe and Benue State is one of the few regions that has resisted Muslim control. Thus it is a strategic location and there has been quite a struggle for some years for control over that area.

Timothy needs our prayers for favor and resources so that he can be voted into leadership there and impact Nigeria with the Gospel.

School for Orphans

I have agreed to help establish a school in Gboko for the underprivileged and orphans. Our goal is to eventually establish an orphanage within the year, but the immediate need is to provide a building to house a school for these bright, intelligent kids.

Would you like to help?

These people have vision, hope, and faith to do a great work. All they are asking for is a little help; for someone to get them the tools so they can do the work.

Thank You

Friends, many thanks to you for your prayers, help and support on this Nigerian Mission. We made a great impact in such a short time and I believe we'll see eternal fruit from our efforts. Thank you for sending us and covering us with prayer support.

In the love and power of Christ,

Steve Correll

Fruitful Vine Ministries

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Makurdi, Gboko, Nigeria

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